Conversational Marketer is a chatbot creation company that builds and maintains conversational marketing funnels for e-commerce and small businesses.

Our mission is to help make each click, tap and customer interaction more profitable so you can do more of what matters to you most.

Our Beginnings:

I’m an MIT graduate…not Cambridge… I’m talking Hollywood 😀 aka M.usicians I.nstitute of T.echnology.  where I studied drums or more accurately, percussion at PIT (P.ercussion I.nstitute of T.echnology) .

When I was in school, I was surrounded by a lot of really talented people.  They would play all over town, gig up on the Sunset strip, play shows in the Hollywood Hills, sit in for really famous jazz drummers at clubs like the Baked Potato and other places.

I had a buddy who was in a disco cover band and these guys were awesome. I would see the transformation when they performed, they would convert a super boring party into a disco inferno.

These guys were playing parties for A-list Hollywood stars, they’d get hired for mansion parties up in the hills, corporate events, you name it…they were just killing it.

The problem they had was that even though everyone who hired them raved about them, word of mouth didn’t book enough parties and advertising was way too expensive, so their act never became sustainable.

Their story stuck with me because time and again I would see business owners bring a great product to market and people would rave about it but that wasn’t enough to put them over the top and they would eventually go out of business or kind of live a meager life, driving a car they didn’t like to an apartment they didn’t enjoy, in a neighborhood they didn’t want to live in.

I saw that pattern again and again… people with “top shelf” shows, products, services getting “bottom shelf” results.  It was really painful ? .

Then social media marketing hit the scene and that really changed everything!

In the past it would cost a fortune to get in front of people, you’d have to sign a big, long contract, you couldn’t stop and start a campaign, you couldn’t change the creative, you couldn’t easily test to see if something was working and there was little to no tracking.

You were really locked in, so you pretty much had to rely on word of mouth.

Now with Social media sometimes for as little as $1 a day you could get your product, service, act, whatever it is you have, you could get that in front of the right people at the right time and they would be excited to buy from you!

… you could go from relative obscurity all the way to really having a fantastic life.

Because of this, I believe that there has never been a better time in the history of humanity to be an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a business owner or have a great idea you’re willing to pay the price to execute upon,

…and you will never have an excuse to not make it happen because one of the greatest barriers to success that in the past you had no control over has now been reduced to the cost of a cup of coffee a day ☕.

-I’m Noland, the founder of Conversational Marketer and we help make each click, tap, and customer interaction more profitable.

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