Increase Coupon Redemption

If your emails had an 80% open rate with 20% click throughs, how would’ve your last coupon campaign performed?

Have a coupon campaign that’s already working?  Would you be interested in increasing your numbers?

A chatbot can fit right in with your existing strategy without getting in the way, or can also be used as a stand alone.  No matter how you implement them, considering they have 80%+ open rates with 20%+ click throughs chatbots are an extremely effective way to help increase your redemption rate.
In our example here you see how our bot reaches out and engages with shoppers to pull them into a sale.
There are a lot of different ways to implement this chatbot strategy but one way is to have people click a link that you place in your email blast, on your website, in a social post, give to an influencer, etc.
Experience it yourself by clicking here.  The link will lead to Messenger where you’ll be asked to opt in and the bot will take it from there.