Opt-in, List Building Chatbot Demo

Have you ever had a sale where shoppers wait until the very end of the sale to jump in or sometimes miss it altogether?

In this demo we show how a chatbot can be used to build up a list of interested shoppers without getting in the way of anything you’re already doing and then pull them in at the beginning of your sale so you can build momentum through the sale to the end.
You can experience a 3-5x faster and higher sign up rate using chatbots than traditional email/landing page opt ins and chatbots experience 80%+ open rates and 20%+ click throughs,  in addition to that you can see in this demo how we are able to get a lot of information about the shopper that we can use to increase sales down the line.
Lastly, since chatbots mimic real life conversations you’ll see how we’re able to pivot in the middle of the conversation and not only gain an SMS opt in as well but even point the shopper to wherever you want to send them after the conversation.
Experience it for yourself by visiting our demo store here .