Influencer Chatbot Demo

Get a jam packed list of interested shoppers to pull in at the beginning of your next sale.

Do you do a lot of influencer marketing?  Using chatbots and conversational marketing there are a number of different ways you can list build for upcoming sales but here’s an omni-channel approach combining influencers and chatbots to really explode your list!
When your influencer is shooting Facebook/Instagram stories (or whatever social platform) tell them to start sending traffic to your Messenger bot using a link provided (ref url).  This will lead shoppers into a conversation to put them on a list to be notified of your next sale and subsequent sales.
You can experience 3-5x faster and higher opt in rates with a chatbot vs the traditional email/landing page opt in and the chatbot will work to have them opt in for SMS text messages and email as well.
When you’re ready to launch your next sale you’ll be able to pull shoppers in at the beginning of your sale and instead of having only one or two methods of reconnecting, you’ll be able to reach them via multiple channels giving them the opportunity to respond on the channel they prefer best.
All of the sign ups generated by the link the influencer uses are totally trackable so you’ll also be able to tell which influencer is sending you the most business as well as how much.
This strategy will only produce even greater results as Facebook begins to roll out interoperability  allowing users to send a message across all the apps in its portfolio!
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